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Garden Trading

Ceramic Pizza Oven

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Ceramic Pizza Oven

Few things are more enjoyable...

Grenadier Firelighters is a family business that has been supplying high quality, mainly fire related products to a discerning audience since 1989.

We take great pride in the unusual, yet practical nature of our products and the standard of service provided.

Outdoor Wood Fired Ceramic Pizza Oven

Homemade pizza, cooked to perfection. Delicious.

A lazy afternoon in the garden. Good friends. And freshly cooked pizza, hot from the outdoor pizza oven. Few things are more enjoyable.

Especially when you’ve cooked the pizza yourself in your own wood fired pizza oven, until the buffalo mozzarella’s melting and the base is perfectly crispy.

Most people agree that outdoor pizza ovens make the best home-made pizzas.

The Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven cooks large 35cm pizzas in just a few minutes, whether shop bought or home made to our easy traditional recipes. And it cooks evenly, so there’s no need to turn the pizza during cooking.

It’s made from a unique ceramic material that retains heat to create the perfect pizza cooking temperature of over 350°C. Using either seasoned wood or charcoal, it’s ready to cook in just half an hour and gives 2 hours of cooking time before you need to refuel (although surely everyone will be full by then!).

Handmade in South Africa, this outdoor pizza oven is of exceptional quality and, with its glazed finish, oak handles and stainless steel stand, you’ll love the way it looks as much as the way it cooks.

We are pleased to offer a cracking price of £249 as a result of the current strong British Pound against the South African Rand.

Delivery: £40.00 by Palletforce

Grenadier Firelighters Limited
Unit 3C, Barrowmore Enterprise Estate,
Great Barrow,

Tel: 01829 741649

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