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Oliver Preston


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Born of Excellence...

There are traditions born of moments that bring a smile or laugh and then there are traditions born of heritage and the wisdom of experience. This is the tradition of Christy, which began in the late 1840’s when Henry Christy returned to England from the sultan’s palace in Constantinople with a new kind of loop pile fabric and an idea he could make something of it. It was a time of great excitement for the arts and sciences and in 1851, Henry Christy and his brother, Richard presented the very first manufactured terry towel at the famed Great Exhibition. A set of these Royal Turkish towels was gifted to Queen Victoria, who promptly ordered more.

We started out leading the industry in 1850 with new materials and techniques and continue to do so today. Christy has upheld that tradition of quality and luxury, creating original and inspiring products using superior yarns and high thread counts which are all crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

But what really sets Christy apart is our unfailing commitment to style and comfort, not just to compliment a beautifully designed bedroom and bathroom, but to meet the high expectations of our discerning customers.
Our designs are inspired by places and eras that connote romance, history, culture and craftsmanship. We aim to bring the most beautiful things in the world to your home, crossing borders and spanning centuries. And we make them suitable for hosting the most distinguished of guests, yet durable and comfortable enough for family living. 

In 1850, the Christy brothers set out to be the very best. This is our heritage, over one hundred and sixty years later: a tradition born of excellence.  We invite you to experience the luxury of Christy in your own home.
0845 758 5252

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