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Into The Blue

Freddie's Flowers

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Freddie's Flowers

Discover the joy of weekly flowers...

We deliver carefully selected, stunningly stylish flowers (with a bit of a wild side) to your door each week for just £20 a pop!

You don’t have to be in when we deliver - just tell us where to leave the box if you’re not at home.

Our arrangements change each week and they are always charming, beautiful and uplifting - with a little bit of a wild side. Freddie includes styling and arranging advice as well as and flower care tip so you get the best from your flowers.

You can set holidays on your account and pause your deliveries whenever you need to.

Freddie Garland (his real name, and he was raised by florists) started Freddie’s Flowers two years ago from his garden in Wandsworth. He had a tent, grandly called The Warehouse, and a milk float. The milk float broke down, the tent blew away but with his dog and his mum keeping him company he had a ball.

Freddie and his dog, Claude, believe in the life enhancing power of flowers. In many countries it’s normal to always have fresh flowers in the house, not because you had a birthday last week, but but because it’s just smashing having a blast of natural beauty in your home.

Special Offer:

Use the code DTJ33 and get your first box FREE!

Just go to 

0208 396 6696

Do give Freddie’s a whirl! We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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