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ACE Cultural Tours

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ACE Cultural Tours

Illuminating cultural experiences worldwide...

All our tours combine three essential elements: exciting destinations, interesting subjects and stimulating leaders.

ACE Cultural Tours offers over 200 small group tours worldwide, focusing on a variety of themes – art, architecture, archaeology, history, music, regional culture and natural history – so is a tour in our programme for every traveller with a passion for learning.

Join one of our expertly planned tours and enjoy the company of a tour leader who is a specialist in their field and will share their in-depth knowledge of the culture of the region you explore.

Our tour destinations stretch from the UK to Italy, the Baltic States to Russia, Japan to India and Australia to the USA. We offer tried and tested itineraries in newly popular countries, such as Cuba and Burma, as well as less visited places such as Algeria and Bhutan.

If you are not sure where you want to go, why not seek inspiration from our annual brochure which illustrates the rich cultural heritage that is waiting to be discovered across the globe. Or call our office and talk to our friendly sales team, all of  whom have detailed knowledge of our tours and our expert leaders.

Contact us on:

01223 841055

ACE Cultural Tours is wholly owned by the charity the ACE Foundation (Association for Cultural Exchange). All our surplus is used by the charity to support educational projects in the UK and worldwide.

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