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Solent Forts

Solent Forts

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Solent Forts

Luxury Island Hotels

Resting in the beautiful Solent, just off the coast of Portsmouth, are three incredible Victorian fortresses, originally there to protect our fleet when Britannia ruled the waves. 

After being lovingly restored, two of these forts are now luxurious cocoons of indulgence, privacy and exclusivity providing every level of comfort to offer a unique taste of life at sea.

The third fort in the collection, Horse Sand Fort, is an incredible living museum which has been kept in its original state, providing a fascinating insight into our rich naval heritage.

The breath-taking No Man’s Fort is the ultimate destination for unique events and elaborate celebrations with no request too extravagant for our dedicated team. Equipped with LaZer Battle in the depths of the lower deck, an intricate labyrinth of 21 rooms connected by winding corridors makes for the perfect area for a spot of competitive fun! For even more of a thrill you could experience an exhilarating RIB Ride across the waves, touring our three forts and taking in the incredible views. For a more relaxed stance you could sink into the luscious hot tubs located on the upper deck, and enjoy an elegant glass of champagne whilst taking in the breath taking ocean views.

If you prefer something a little more indulgent our intimate Spitbank Fort oozes luxury, uniqueness and effortless style, perfect for that secret escape or romantic break. You and your closest friends can also experience the forts exclusively, making the ultimate bespoke location for your special celebration, with our team there to pander to your every need, making your time on the fort come to life.

With the forts’ fantastic location, seafood doesn’t get any fresher! Making full use of your catch of the day our Head Chef can teach you and your group the art of canapé making or even throw an outdoor BBQ on the top deck. Then as the sun begins to set our staff will bring to life the enchanting fire pit where you can relax and bask in the warmth with your very own ‘Fire Pit Rations Kit’, complete with smoke goggles, marshmallows, liquor coffee, petit fours, warm blankets and a book of good old fashioned sea shanties!

Why not hop on board the forts for just the day? Enjoy exquisitely blended flavours that bring your taste buds to life for our Sunday Lunch, made up of four delicate courses each as delicious as the last. All this, and the tranquility of your own private island…there really is no better place for when only exceptional is good enough.

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Solent Forts

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